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Watch Francisca Valenzuela, Nanpa Básico and Samantha Sánchez performing March 20th at The Mohawk during SxSW Online! 6-7PM PST / 8-9PM CDT / 9-10PM EST #FranciscaValenzuela#NanpaBasico#SamanthaSanchez The SXSW Online digital experience will feature conference keynotes and sessions, film screenings, music showcases, networking, and exhibitions from March 16 – March 20, 2021. Sound Talent Group and Criteria Entertainment bring you the most fresh and diverse sounds from LatAm! #LatinHeat#Criteria#SoundTalentGroup Latin America has been home to a thriving music scene for decades. More recently, Latin artists music has gained a larger US audience with the recent pop-crossover success of reggaeton and urban music. There is so much more to discover when it comes to Latin music. To get you started, we’re highlighting three of the most diverse and fresh artists from this region that will be performing at the 2021 SXSW Online event in March. We are proud to announce our very first official showcase, with Sound Talent Group, featuring these three very talented and fresh artists, coming from all latitudes of the Latin region: Chilean force of nature and songstress Francisca Valenzuela, Colombia’s rising Hip Hop star Nanpa Básico and TikTok/YouTube sensation, Samantha Sanchez. About Francisca Valenzuela: Chilean songstress, performer, activist and force of nature Francisca Valenzuela, has been at the forefront of “Ruidosa” supporting female voices across all disciplines. Her new album “La Fortaleza” “is full of moving messages of hope, strength and rebellion. It is a sound that will surely continue to resonate well beyond the new decade.” - Isabela Raygoza (Soundcloud / Rolling Stone) About Samantha Sanchez: Sánchez grew up admiring how her favorite artists expressed their emotions through music and connected with their fans, so her music aligns with the vision of the interpreter whose goal is to make those who see her videos and listen to her music smile. Her songs seek to reach listeners by telling them that doing what you want is nothing strange. Of course, there is always a bitter note of darkness and humility. About Nanpa Básico: With a sultry mix of poetic rap and evocative ballads, tinged with a raggedy elegance, Nanpa Básico’s passionate flow offers a big heart to alternative hip-hop.From the young age of 12 he fell in love with literature for the first time, when he reada book of poetry written by his mother for his father. From then on, the fire of his creativity was kindled, and at 13 he began to compose his first songs. 2021 Event Information Each showcase gives SXSW Online passholders the opportunity to experience tomorrow’s headliners at unique venues in the artists’ home countries through a premium viewing experience, with streaming available via web, mobile, and the SXSW Online Connected TV app (Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Samsung TV Plus, and Android TV). Select content will be viewable in VR via SXSW Online XR. Stay tuned for more access information on the Attendee Service Hub and keep your eyes on SXSW News for more announcements and updates.

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